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1998 study excerpts.pdf
AGLPA Summer Meeting 2014 Report.pdf
Army Corps of Engineers description of Muskegon Harbor.pdf
attachment packet.pdf
Attachment Packet to 6/6/12 Agenda
Ballast Water Update Meeting - 08.21.2012.pdf
BallastWaterApril26 Compatibility Mode.pdf
By Laws_Port Advisory Committee 2015.docx
CEDS, 2011.pdf
City Resolution.pdf
Coast Guard Proposed Rulemaking USCG-2013-0954 2.25.2014.pdf
Coastal Placemaking Conference Form Muskegon MI.pdf
Creating Vibrant Coastal Communities - Agenda July 11, 2013.pdf
Creating Vibrant Coastal Communities Workshop Flyer July 11, 2013.pdf
Draft 4 - Michigan Legislation - Port Authority.pdf
Draft By-Laws 10152012.docx
Grand Rapids Business Journal Article.pdf
Great Lakes Maritme Task Force.pdf
Great Lakes Seaway Digital Article.pdf
Great Lakes Seaway Review Apr-June2015.pdf
Harbor Self Assessment Tool.pdf
Jones Act.docx
Logistics and Supply Chain Strategic Plan (Final).pdf
Map with Muskegon Port Information.pdf
memo - synopsis of port information.pdf
memo regarding Port Group Level designations.pdf
METC - 43 Degrees North.pdf
METC 5.6.2013 PR Newsire.pdf
Michigan Port Authority Legislation - Amendment 10.16.12.pdf
Michigan Port Collaborative.pdf
Michigan Transportation Conference July 2013.pdf
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